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Anne Heider is an award-winning conductor, composer, arranger, and teacher.
She is Associate Professor Emerita of Choral Music at Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University and is active as a guest conductor and choral consultant. She served on the board of Chorus America for nine years.
Her research in early vocal music has been supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Newberry Library, and Roosevelt University.
She is artistic director emerita of the Chicago-based professional chamber choir Bella Voce, of which she was a founding singer and which she led for over sixteen years to consistent critical acclaim and international recognition.
She has recorded with Bella Voce (founded as His Majestie’s Clerkes) for Harmonia Mundi, Cedille Records, Centaur Records, and Narada.
Choral octavos of editions and arrangements by Dr. Heider are published by GIA; her scholarly editions of 16th-century Huguenot psalmody by Claude Le Jeune were published by A-R Editions in 1989 and 1995.

Latest news
Latest news

New arrangements
Anne’s easy arrangement for unaccompanied SAB of “Go down, Moses” is forthcoming from GIA (G-7552). It’s just right for small church choirs or middle school choirs with new baritones.
Anne’s edition of Desvelado dueño mio, for SST soli, SATB chorus and continuo, is forthcoming from Astrum Music Publications. Inquire at

Published arrangements
Published arrangements

Heider editions published by GIA:
Goudimel, Claude, Comfort, comfort ye my people, SATB G-2893
Goudimel, Claude, Father we thank thee (Rendez à Dieu), SATB G-2725
Handl, Jacob, Stetit Iesus, SATB G-2460
Schütz, Heinrich, Blessed are they (Wohl dem, der nicht wandelt), SA & keyboard G-2634

Heider arrangements published by GIA:
Morning Trumpet, SSAATTBB G-7419
Dakota Hymn, SATB, arr. Anne Heider G-6617
Fum, fum, fum, SATB G-5062
Go tell it on the mountain, SSAATTBB G-5063
Poor little Jesus, SSAATTBB G-5064
Go down, Moses, SAB G-7552


Available Scores
Available Scores

To see sample pages of any score listed below, or to discuss terms for purchase of a master copy with permission for you to duplicate the number of copies you need, please contact Anne at


Morning Star (2006), SATB with some divisi (medium-difficult)
A choral fantasia combining an old American melody with the Lutheran chorale melody Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (How brightly shines the morning star). The text is an anonymous 19th-century American translation of Wie schön leuchtet.

O Antiphons (1997), SATB with some divisi (difficult)
A concert piece based on the Latin texts and Gregorian melody of the Vespers Great Antiphons for the last seven days of Advent.

Down in yon forest (1999), SATB with some divisi (medium)
The text is an ancient English folk lyric with Christian and pre-Christian symbolism, appropriate for the Christmas season.

Turtle Dove (2000), 2-part (easy)
The text is an old Appalachian folk lament.

Arrangements and editions are available for Mixed Voices, Women’s Voices, Men’s Voices

12th century, Orientis partibus, arr. Heider for SATB
17th century, Marche des Trois Rois, arr. Heider for SATB
Gaspar Fernandez (c.1575-1629), Eso rigor e repente, SAT soli, SAATB chorus [sample pages]
Stephen Foster (1826-1864), Hard Times, arr. Heider for SATB with some divisi (with optional piano accompaniment)
C. Goetz and J. Stern (1915), Celebrate in ragtime, arr. Heider for SATB available both a cappella and with piano accompaniment
Juan Hidalgo (1614-1685), Al dichoso nacer di mi niño, SATB and instrumental bass
Jeremiah Ingalls (1764-1828), The Apple Tree, SATB [sample pages]
Claude Le Jeune (c.1530-1600), Deum celebrate vocantes, SATB
Claude Le Jeune (c.1530-1600), L’un aimera le violet, SSATB
Claude Le Jeune (c.1530-1600), Perdre le sens devant vous, ATB
Claude Le Jeune (c.1530-1600), Rendez à Dieu, (Psalm 118), SSATB
Claude Le Jeune (c.1530-1600), Resveillez-vous, chacun fidelle, (Psalm 33), AAT, unison, SATB
Tomas de Torrejón y Velasco (1644-1728), Desvelado dueño mio, SST soli, SATB chorus and continuo
Traditional, Down in the river, SATB
Traditional, Lincoln and Liberty, arr. Heider for SATB [sample pages]
Traditional, My way’s cloudy, arr. Heider for SATB
Traditional, Wait till I get on my robe, arr. Heider for SATB
Traditional, Will ye go, lassie? , arr. Heider for SATB and piano
Fabián Ximeno (c.1596-1654), Ay ay galeguiños, SS soli, SATB chorus [sample pages]

14th century, O beatæ Stanislæ, arr. Heider for SSA
Sebastián Durón (1660-1716), Al dormir el sol, SA and realized continuo
Gaspar Fernandez ((c.1575-1629), En un portalejo pobre, SSA [sample pages]
Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), Salve Regina, SA and realized continuo
Antonio de Salazar (c.1650-1715), Tarara, qui yo soy Anton, SA and realized continuo [sample pages]
Traditional, Green grow the rushes-oh, arr. Heider for SSAA
Traditional, People who live in glass houses, arr. Heider for SSA

Pierre de la Rue (c.1455-1518), Pourquoy non, TTBBB
Tobias Hume (1569-1645), Tobacco, tobacco, arr. Heider for TTBBB
Walter Kittredge (1834-1905), Tenting tonight, arr. Heider for TTBBB
Traditional, Jesous Ahatonnia (Huron Carol), arr. Heider for TTBBB


Arrangements on CDs
Arrangements on CDs

Heider arrangements on His Majestie’s Clerkes and Bella Voce recordings, available by contacting Anne Heider, unless otherwise indicated:

American A Cappella (Bella Voce, 2005)
Stephen Foster, Hard Times, SATB (available both a cappella and with piano accompaniment)
C. Goetz and J. Stern, Celebrate in ragtime, SATB (available both a cappella and with piano accompaniment)
Walter Kittredge, Tenting tonight, TTBB
Traditional, My way’s cloudy, SATB
Traditional, Down in the river, SATB
Traditional, Green grow the rushes-oh, SSAA

Bella Voce 2002 (Bella Voce, 2003)
Go tell it on the mountain, GIA Publications G-5063

Folksong in Chorus (Bella Voce, 2001)
Stephen Foster, Hard Times, SATB (available both a cappella and with piano accompaniment)
B. F. White, Morning Trumpet, SSAATTBB (GIA Publications G-7419)

News of Great Joy (Centaur CRC2168, 1993)
Fum, fum, fum, GIA Publications G-5062
Go tell it on the mountain, GIA Publications G-5063
Poor little Jesus, GIA Publications G-5064

In a Cold Winter’s Night (Centaur CRC2048, 1988)
William Billings, Judea
William Billings, Shiloh
J. C. Lowry, Morning Star
Daniel Read, Sherburne.


Chicago a Cappella honors Anne Heider video

Chicago a Cappella honors Anne Heider

Anne Heider was honored at Chicago a Cappella's 2006 gala, "The Black and Red Ball," for her service to their ensemble and to the choral arts in Chicago and the nation.